May has become one of the busiest months of the year.  As the school year and church programming year winds down, we have many celebrations and milestones. We say thank you to many for what they have done in the past months.  There are school programs and church programs, graduations and spring confirmations.  We have a lot to celebrate and rejoice in. 

This May is also the season of Easter in the church year.  And that, too, gives us reason to celebrate.  On Easter Sunday we celebrated that Christ is risen indeed.  Our enemies of sin, death, and evil have been defeated.  Easter is not just something we celebrate one day of the year.  Rather it is something that we celebrate each day.  During the season of Easter, we learn what it means to live on this side of the      resurrection.  Jesus is risen and life is not the same.  We are people who walk in hope.  We are people who live in hope.  We are people who share that hope with others. 

We may not always understand what Easter means.  We won’t know its fullness until the day that death is defeated for us.  But until then we carry the promise in our hearts and let it strengthen us each day so that no matter what comes — both joys and sorrows — we know that our lives our are held by the one who loves us so much that He comes to give his life for us. 

So we celebrate.  We celebrate the milestones of life.  We celebrate and give thanks for the ministries we share.  And threaded through it all is the celebration of life that is ours in Christ. 

Blessings on your month of May!          

Pastor Siri