November is the month when we pause as a nation to say THANK YOU to God for all that God has   provided for us.  When we say THANK YOU, we acknowledge the positive impact that someone has had on our life. We say THANK YOU to God, because God has   created us and provides for us.  We say THANK YOU to God because God has redeemed us from all that would kill us and harm us, including ourselves.  We say THANK YOU to God, because God has   empowered us to live as his people in the world.  We say THANK YOU because God has impacted our lives with his grace and goodness. We say THANK YOU to other people when they impact us as well.  When someone gifts us, we say THANK YOU.  I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for the pastor appreciation gifts — the gift card to Olive Garden, the flowers, the greeting cards — that you gave me in October.  I appreciate these gifts, but I appreciate more the support for our    ministry together that they represent.  It is indeed a privilege and a joy to serve with you through Grace Lutheran.  You have touched my life very positively and for that, I say THANK YOU. But I do not serve alone.  I would also like to say THANK YOU to all the staff at Grace Lutheran — Sue, Rita, Brian, Lisa, Becky, Dana, Tanya, Daren, Gea, Jerry, and Nick.  These people are also a gift to me and to us all, for together we work to equip all the people of this congregation for the ministry to which God has called us.   Grace is a very strong congregation; together we do some marvelous things for God.  It happens because each of you prayerfully considers how you might serve and how you might give of yourselves so that God’s work is done through this place. On All Saints Sunday, we gather to worship God
and to commit ourselves again to the work that God has given us to do.  You will soon receive a pledge card and  Time & Talent form in the mail.  You are asked to bring it to worship on Sunday, November 5th as we offer ourselves to God for 2018.  This is our way of saying THANK YOU to God for all that he has done for us. If you are unable to be in church on the 5th, you can mail it in or bring it the next week. If you are someone who likes to pay bills electronically, you can also do that with your monthly offering.  Talk to Sue in the office for the information on setting that up—it’s convenient and EASY!! November is also the month when we remember the saints of God — those who have completed their work on earth and now live in the presence of God in heaven.  We are connected to a long line of people — generation upon generation who have served God each in their own place in their own time.  We do not labor alone, but as God’s community in this time and place, we give ourselves to God that all may know Christ’s love. None of us can do God’s work alone.  Rather God takes what each of us has and joins it with others.  Together we have a huge impact on the world.  Crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding are two fairly new terms.  Crowd-sourcing is asking for the       wisdom and knowledge of others — usually through electronic means.  Crowd-funding is asking people to give what they can toward a need — usually small amounts.  The knowledge and the funding add up so that a big impact is made.  The church has been doing this for generations.  It is nothing new for us.  We each do what we can and a huge impact is made. THANK YOU for what you do for God and for the work he has given us to do.  I do so appreciate your ministry. Blessings on your November! Pastor Siri