We have done a lot of work in and around the building this summer.  The new flooring in the classrooms is installed. We have some new artwork in the Sunday school stairways. We have gotten the prayer garden pathways and brickwork restored, and the foundation/concrete repair is finished.  The intent of all this work has been to freshen up the space to make it more welcoming, up-dated, and usable for our ministry. And that’s the key to why we have been doing the things we have done:  For Our Ministry.  Or to be more specific:  For GOD’s ministry through Grace.  Our ELCA slogan is God’s Work - Our Hands.  God has given us a ministry — to be people who show his love and grace in the world, to proclaim the good news of Christ.  God works through us to touch the lives of others.  We do that through this building which is a center to equip and empower people for ministry in Jesus name, not only within the walls of this building, but everywhere we find ourselves. We use our classrooms to grow faith in people of all ages that they might live that faith in the world.  We have artwork which      reminds us of God’s promises and God’s grace that we might embody those promises in the world.  We have holy spaces - both inside and out so that we might worship God and renew our relationship with God. Another year of ministry is set to kick off this month.  Exciting things are happening at Grace.  I would encourage you to be invitational as we gather again for the upcoming school year.  Who do you know who doesn’t have a church home?  Who might find Grace to be the place where they can grow in faith and be empowered to serve?  If someone comes to mind as you consider these questions, get in touch and invite them to come with you to worship or to another event.   Blessings on your September!

Pastor Siri