“For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” This verse from Galatians 5 always comes to mind for me when July  comes.  During July we remember and celebrate freedom in our nation and the rights and privileges that our constitution grants us.  As I remember this verse during July, a verse that talks about freedom, I give thanks for the freedom that Christ brings to us — freedom from sin, freedom from death, freedom from the power of evil.  God has freed us from our greatest enemies and thus frees us for service to our neighbor and to the world.  Stand firm, God says, and do not become slaves again.  We live confident that God has done everything necessary for us to have life.  There is nothing we have to do for the gift of life.  We can live boldly and confidently, serving those around us knowing that God will use us to change the world.  Let us live to seek freedom for all, especially the freedom that is ours in Jesus. A couple of updates: 

Sanctuary Screens We now have the right size screens in the sanctuary.  Mid-States Audio replaced the ones wrongly ordered in mid-June.  The reception of congregation members to the screens has been positive.  I noticed a change in the volume of our singing on the first Sunday they were used, because people were looking up to sing and the sound spread out into the room. If you have additional feedback on the screens, please let me or Daren Miller know. Thanks for your patience as we have been learning to use them. 

Electronic Sign The council approved moving ahead with the process for an electronic sign on 18th Street.  We have most of the money given for such a sign through memorial gifts and will not need to use the full amount designated by the council from the Robert Jensen bequest.  The plan is to keep the  current sign (which is the top of the old altar from the original sanctuary) and use it along either Edward Drive or 17th Street where we have no signage letting people know that our building is Grace Lutheran.  We’ll keep you updated as the process unfolds. 

Website Update We are also updating our website this summer.  Watch for more as we work at adding pictures and updated information.  A website is one of the primary ways that people new to a community look for information about churches.   

Pastor Siri