As I write this in mid-March, it is finally starting to feel like Spring.Even though it is going to rain and snow in the next couple of days, the air has a different quality to it.The breeze feels warmer — not so bitter and raw — and there are more birds chirping in the bushes and trees.It’s been a long-winter.Up till now it’s been colder and snowier than usual.I heard many people wonder if Spring was ever going to come.(And a few who wanted to confront the groundhog who said Spring would be early.)

I think waiting for Spring this year has reminded me of waiting for Easter.Jesus told the disciples several times that they were going to Jerusalem where he would be arrested, tortured, and put to death.But after three days he would rise again.When the arrest and torture and crucifixion came, though, the disciples forgot about the three days part and the resurrection part.They ran.They hid out in the upper room.They waited and wondered if Easter was going to come.They “hunkered down” like we do in winter when it’s cold and dark and we begin to forget about the warmth and wonder of spring.

We wait for Easter.As the Lenten season wraps up and we enter Holy Week, we remember all that happened to Jesus.And then we wait.We wait for the dawn of Easter Day and the message first given to the women to share:Christ is not here.Christ is risen!Christ is risen indeed!

This Easter, as we have been waiting and waiting for spring, let us be renewed in the celebration of life as it comes to us once again.As all this snow melts and uncovers the ground, let us remember how Jesus burst forth from the tomb utterly defeating death.As grass greens and spring flowers appear, let us give thanks for the new life that comes to us through Christ.God renews the promise of life once again as we gather to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Alleluia!

A blessed Easter to you all!

Pastor Siri