In the Bible or Not. In August, I am going to again go “off-lectionary” and preach a sequel series of In the Bible or Not. We’ll look at phrases that may sound Biblical, may be Biblical based, but really are not in the Bible or we misunderstand how they’re used in the Bible. 

Knowing scripture is foundational for our life of faith. The Word of God roots us and grounds us in our faith. Martin Luther equated the keeping of the Sabbath to taking time to “gladly hear God’s word and learn it.”  Scripture can be easily misused to manipulate or harm others. Someone once said that you could prove just about anything with a verse of scripture – especially when it’s taken out of context.

During August we’ll consider angels, charity, and the forbidden fruit. We’ll also talk about how God works and how we deal with troubles.  What does the Bible say about these things? How do the phrases we use depict God and the work of God? What do they say about our faith.

This 5-part series will run through Labor Day weekend after which we will return to the Revised Common Lectionary.

Blessings on your August!                                                                                     

Pastor Siri