The gospel reading for Rally Day includes the verse that promises, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Rally Day has traditionally been a day where the church that has been scattered through the summer gathers again for a new year of ministry and programming.


Though we may have been more scattered through the summer, we have been church together. Ministry has continued to happen and with today’s technology, we have been gathered no matter where we were. But in September we commit again to being church together. This diverse group of people whom God has called to this congregation commits to worshipping, to learning, to serving, and to caring for one another once again. And we do so knowing that God, that Jesus is in our midst. We do all these things for his glory and to serve him that all we encounter may know God’s grace and love and life.  


I give thanks to God for all of you who make up this congregation. Grace is a generous, caring, welcoming, and loving place. It is a privilege to serve you whom God has gathered. I look forward to rallying with you that we might continue to be used by God to bring God’s kingdom to light in the Hilltop neighborhood and beyond.

Blessings on your September!

                                Pastor Siri