At Grace Lutheran, we begin the month of November with our Stewardship Sunday and end with a Thanksgiving service.The first Sunday of the month is All Saints Sunday when we also remember all those who have gone before us.The last Sunday of the month is Christ the King Sunday when we acknowledge that Jesus is Lord of all.

In between those two celebration, we hear stories of what it means to give our lives in service to God.If we are disciples and followers of Jesus Christ, we live in the promise of life.Through Christ, we have been made saints of God.We are blessed — we have Christ’s presence with us in and through all things — our lives are held by God.Because of all this, we are free to live our lives serving God so that we proclaim the good news through all we are and all we have.On Christ the King Sunday, we acknowledge that Jesus is Lord of All.Again our lives are to reflect our service to our Lord.We are to live so that others see Jesus in us.

As you prayerfully consider your financial gifts to God through Grace, ask yourself how you might reflect your dedication to God through your gifts.As you consider how you will serve God with your talents, ask yourself what God is calling you to do through the ministries of this congregation.

We have been having a “tight” financial year here at Grace.We have paid all our commitments that we planned for in 2018, but we have had to use funds from the Berg fund.That fund was established at Grace many years ago when the Berg family (who are now part of the communion of saints) sold a house and established a fund that is like a line of credit.It was to be used to pay shortfalls in monthly cash flow, so that the congregation did not have to borrow from a bank and pay interest.We have had to tap that fund regularly this year.

When we no longer had a mortgage payment, we upped our staffing level to reflect the long-range plan of the congregation and committed funds to outreach projects in which we participate.Our budget did not decrease, but we are able to do more for others.

As you consider your pledge for the coming year, please ask what God might be calling you to do.God does not ask us to make equal gifts — we all have different resources — but God calls us to make equal sacrifices.All these gifts pooled together do great things for God.

We are blessed as a congregation and generosity is one of our gifts as a faith community.Thank you for what you do that God might use us to have an impact for good and build the kingdom of God.

Blessings on your November!

Pastor Siri